Anghel Gelu Bucur

Anghel Gelu Bucur

Title: Artist, Sculptor
Company: Anghel Bucur Sculptor
Location: Mulmur, Ontario, Canada

Anghel Gelu Bucur, Artist and Sculptor, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in Sculpture.

At the age of four, Mr. Bucur was fascinated by the form of an egg, and could hold it in his hands for hours, intrigued by its shape. For him, an egg had a continuous flow that made him feel there was no beginning and no end, and everything is connected to everything else and to the universe. As a sculptor, he remembered this shape and correlated it with his childhood memory, resulting in the unique pieces that grace his studio today. Mr. Bucur is known for sculpting his creations from a single, enormous piece of marble, wood or bronze.

A native of Romania, Mr. Bucur was born on May 12, 1953 in Dacia. His brother, Mariann, is now his agent, though his childhood was far from conducive to his art. At age 16, Mr. Bucur started to work at a professional school of pattern making, producing patterns out of wood and making a mold of pieces to be multiplied. He attended the School of Art in Romania, earning a diploma in 1970. In April of 1978, in reaction to communist oppression, Mr. Bucur seized an opportunity to enter a country more accepting of his artistic ideals. He hid in a box on a freight car for 15 days, eventually arriving in Italy, and made his way to Canada, where he became a permanent resident in 1981.

Since 1983, Mr. Bucur has been creating shapes that “approach the sublime and tender perfection of form that distinguish him as the leading creator of figurative expressionist technique.” Though he creates art from single pieces of material, his sculpture usually features complex shapes and organic forms. He has even worked with carbon, platinum, and silver. In his spare time, Mr. Bucur is enjoys designing fashion.

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