Mario Enrique Castillo Enriquez

Title: Artist, Educator
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Mario Enrique Castillo Enriquez, Artist and Educator, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in new media and academia.

“Peace,” completed in 1968, is also known as “Metafisica.” It is the first Latino mural in the USA completed during the New Public Art Movement of the 1960’s.    
Castillo’s “Wall of Brotherhood” completed in 1969, serves as this page’s header image.  

Mr. Castillo realized at an early age that expressing himself through various facets of art was a necessity. While retired from teaching art, he remains active in its creation and endeavors to continue his experimentation. As an educator, he taught at Columbia College, University of Illinois and various other institutions. In his career he directed various mural workshops such as the ones at Triton College, Bemis Foundation, & the University of Guadalajara. Mr. Castillo is the the first Latino artist to paint a mural for the 1960’s Mural Renaissance in the USA, the first artist  to do a multicultural mural and the first to create the prototype model by which  students would help with the designing and painting of a mural. Mr. Castillo’s other achievements include his research in Perceptualism in paintings that create the feeling of the fourth dimension and alterations in color perception. The layering technique goes back to 1962 when he started using the Paleolithic technique of superimposition of drawings done on cave walls. Mr. Castillo’s research also focuses on visual investigation into discovering peculiar ways of presenting the human condition by using superimposed layers of different states of realities so as to invert their meaning.

“The Ancient Memories of Mayahuel’s People Still Breathe,” also known as “Las Memorias Antiguas de la Raza del Maguey Aun Respiran” in Spanish, celebrates the Aztec goddess Mayahuel and resides in the National Museum of Mexican Art. The central section is done in the Perceptualism style, which became known as his signature style. Mr. Castillo completed this mural in 1996 and dedicated the work to the memory of his father, Manuel Castillo de Leon.
The symbolism throughout the mural represents various cultures throughout the world and the main design is based on Native American art. Students who participated were of different ethnic backgrounds.

In his own academic pursuits, Mr. Castillo earned a BFA degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1969. Under a fellowship he did graduate work at the University of Southern California and then transferred to a Teaching Assistantship at Cal Arts, where in 1972 he received his MFA degree. In recognition of his work, Mr. Castillo has received numerous awards including an American Film Institute Grant, National Gold Medal, First Prize Awards, and in 1975, his award-winning film was featured on Mexican national television in Jaime Mejia’s “Escenario” arts program. One of his career highlights was when Oxford University selected his work for the cover of one of their text books. His work was recently featured in three exhibitions at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. In recognition of his success, Mr. Castillo’s biography has appeared in Marquis Who’s Who in American Art 2015, Who’s Who in America 2012, Who’s Who in the World 2008, Who’s Who in American Education 2006, Marquis’ Who’s Who in the West in 1987 and numerous others.

“Huichol Shaman,” completed in 1996. Perceptualism works are inter-active pieces where the viewer has to participate in using their imagination to produce something that is not in the work but only in their imagination.  This piece invites viewers to shift from one plane of perception to the next.

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