Mario Enrique Castillo Enriquez

Title: Artist, Educator
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Mario Enrique Castillo Enriquez, Artist and Educator, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in new media and academia.

“The Wall of Brotherhood” at 18th Street & Halsted St. in Chicago’s Pilsen Neighborhood in the 1960s.

Mr. Castillo realized at an early age that expressing himself through various facets of art was a necessity. While retired from teaching art, he remains active in its creation and endeavors to continue taking his work through new ventures. As an educator, he taught at Columbia College, Plaza de la Raza, Immaculate Heart College and various other institutions. He was also well-known in his career for directing murals, such as his time spent in this role at Triton College, Bemis Foundation, Halsted Urban Progress Center, Joliet Junior College and SAIC & Lincoln Park Cultural Center among many other places. Some of his other achievements include his research in perceptualism in paintings that create the feeling of the fourth dimension and alterations in color perception. Mr. Castillo’s research also focuses on visual investigation into discovering peculiar ways of presenting the human condition on this planet using superimposed layers of different states of realities and warping images and space to turn them upside-down.

The symbolism throughout the mural represents various cultures throughout the world and the main design is based on Native American art. Students who participated were of different ethnic backgrounds.

 In his own academic pursuits, Mr. Castillo earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1969. He continued at the California Institute of Arts to receive a Master of Arts in 1972. He continued with postgraduate studies throughout his career, taking on work at California State University, Pasadena City College, the University of Southern California, East Los Angeles City College and Columbia College. In recognition of his work, Mr. Castillo has received numerous awards including a National Gold Medal, Certificate of Merit, First Prize Awards, and in 1991, he was named Artist of the Year by the Latino Institute. One of his career highlights was contributing to a film for the American Film Institute. His work was recently featured in three exhibitions at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago.

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