Haro Kagemoto

Title: Photographer, Filmmaker
Location:  San Leandro, California, United States

Haro Kagemoto, photographer and filmmaker, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in photography and higher education.

What Mr. Kagemoto has learned over the course of his career that has most benefited him in his professional growth is never giving up and believing in yourself when you are up against any kind of assignment. His advice to others is simple: Keep pushing forward. Today, Mr. Kagemoto celebrates his career in retirement in San Leandro, CA, where he is known for the incredible photography and filmmaking work that he created during his five-decade career. He concluded his tenure with San Francisco State University, where he served as assistant director of its fine arts department for 28 years.  Mr. Kagemoto has been successful in his career by adapting to the changing times, noting that the digital era rapidly changed the landscape of photography. Previously, there was a lot of dark room work, whereas today there is a tremendous amount of software and editing processes that bring photography to life in new and exciting ways.

During his tenure, Mr. Kagemoto was afforded the opportunity to contribute to his industry through roles including director of Wonderland Productions, visiting lecturer for San Francisco State University, visiting artist for the University of California Extension and instructor for Communications Village. His hands-on work includes directing the video documentaries “Visitations” and “Ancient Meso-America.” He edited a short video entitled “Hendrix Experience,” and authored a poetry collection “Orion’s Winter.” When asked of his drive, Mr. Kagemoto reflects on his early experiences in photography. In high school, he was inspired by his teacher, Robert Bow, who encouraged him to pursue the field. For three years in high school he took photography classes. Upon graduating, he worked for Technicolor, which afforded him to work with black and white photo processing printer. From there, he pursed his education, which now includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii and a Master of Fine Arts from SUNY New Paltz. Mr. Kagemoto has continued to take photographs in his retirement as his life’s work is also his personal passion. In the future, he hopes to obtain gallery representation, but in the meantime, he is enjoying developing his body of work and selling individual prints online.

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