Ana Lillith Bar

Title: Poet, Writer, Artist, Business Owner, Student
Location: Center Line, Michigan, United States

Ana Lillith Bar, Poet, Writer, Artist, Business Owner and Student, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in poetry, photography and art.

A poet, writer, artist, business owner and student of her own right, Ms. Bar is distinguished for her exceptional literary and artistic works. Having held various types of jobs throughout her life, she has been everything from a shoeshine girl to a personal assistant. Today, Ms. Bar is focusing on her personal business around her art and photography. Likewise, she is a contributor to the Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Earthjustice, World Wild Life Fund, Heifer International and Southern Poverty Law Center. Among her plethora of written works, in 2015, Ms. Bar published a book of art, “Cross Your Heart, Hope To Die” and a book of short stories, “A Mere Fraction Over the Poverty Line.” In 2016, she published “18 Days,” a literary example of the fine line between love and hate, the joy and inspiration that love can bring and the cruelty humans can do to one another.

Distinguished for her artistic endeavors, Ms. Bar was honored as Poet of the Year with a medallion in 2005 and 2003. Notably, she also took home the Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence in 2004 and 2003. Earlier, she was granted an Editor’s Choice Award in 2002, a Silver Medal from the International Library of Poetry in 2000 and an Award of Recognition in 1998. An outspoken critic, Ms. Bar does not believe in political parties, but rather the right people to the job of regulating the industry, creating a sustainable present and a more efficient and prolific future for humankind. In her spare time, Ms. Bar enjoys nature photography, writing, painting and drawing, along with active hobbies such as walking, disc golf, kayaking and traveling. She is currently in pursuit of a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in entrepreneurship. To attest to her legacy, Ms. Bar can also be found in the 25th edition of Who’s Who of American Women and the first edition of Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders.

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