Gail Grant

Gail Grant

Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Company: Wavewatch Technologies
Location:  Oregon, United States

Gail Grant, Founder and CEO of Wavewatch Technologies, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in architecture and expressionist painting.

Ms. Grant is a large-scale hospitality and commercial development architect and the founder and CEO of Wavewatch Technologies, a global development firm specializing in innovative design for the hospitality, retail, entertainment, and museum industries. She combines architecture with a perfect blend of science and the arts. She attended the Universities of Oregon, Colorado and Portland State, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in science from the University of Oregon in 1973, focused on math and physics, studied law at Lewis and Clark College then earned a Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Washington in 1978. She is a licensed architect in the states of California and Oregon, a member of the AIA and NCARB, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Ms. Grant has focused on the design and development of large-scale commercial and hospitality projects around the world, most recently the conceptual design of MiSK World, a STEM education center in MiSK City, the Saudi Arabian extension of Riyadh, in which the complex itself is a metaphor for the most advanced aircraft produced today, and in which students learn the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in educational environments that blend interactive entertainment venues drawn from the theme park world, but deliver the fundamentals of basic science, engineering and technology. The theme park design world has been the most influential platform for Ms. Grant to design and express the basics of motion science, a fundamental passion of hers as a life-long skier, sailor, windsurfer and extreme sports enthusiast. In her words, with technology’s ability to simulate real-life experiences in both virtual worlds and augmented worlds, designing with calculus is second-nature to both herself and the industry.

A recent combination of these core values is expressed in the design of Turbo Track, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s most recent award-winning extreme coaster, designed in 2013 while she was Director of Facilities Integration, and which was conceived as a ride that would both illustrate, directly by feeling, what acceleration feels like, using linear induction thrust from a propulsion launch platform that simulates a jet taking off from an aircraft carrier. The ride shot across the floor, exited via a complex space frame roof shaped like a black hole, climbed 64 meters vertically, spinning, before rotating backward and using the initial thrust to ride backward to the initial point, expressing inertial force and the second law of motion. See the Turbo track on Youtube.

Other exemplary hospitality projects include the master-planned Imagica Theme Park in Mumbai; the Bali Float Water Park and Destination Resort; Bali, Shanghai Winterstar’s Northern Lights Theme Park and all the opening museum exhibits for the Al Kobar, KSA’s Sultan bin Abdulaziz Science and Technology Center’s Halls of Earth and Space, Electricity and Magnetism, Mechanics and Motion and Mathematics. In each of these projects, she has been able to design venues that blend some fundamentals of physical science with an interactive, engaging experience on the theory that at the cognitive level, the human absorbs knowledge by feeling it, so attractions designed to be absorbed by experience are the highest art in imparting knowledge about the physical world.  Wavewatch Technologies was formed in 2000 to dedicate this design sensibility to the architectural world, and has been her focus throughout her career. Ms. Grant been able to impart, through the combination of themed architecture and science, a way to perceive the wave nature of reality, as architecture is frozen motion, and theme park attractions are all based on motion science in some way. This is intended to uplift the human spirit, whether the complex is a Silicon Valley tech campus or an idyllic water resort on silts in the Amazon.

Since 2010, Ms. Grant has concurrently served as Director of Themed Architecture and Site Development for LEC Worldwide, a renowned Theme Park Development Firm headquartered in California, while working in the design/build construction industry on the west coast of the US, because design/build as a method for construction fast-tracking, learned in the Middle East, is the industry standard in today’s development world, and includes project estimating from day one while the design is being visualized.

On philanthropic and heritage levels, Ms. Grant is a direct descendant of Clan Murray of Atholl, Scotland, and a member of the Multnomah Chater of the  Daughters of the American Revolution. She started out as an artist from a very early age, and is an illustrator and expressionist painter, with works in private collections across the United States. The subject matter of the large scale works? The wave nature of reality, in giant form.

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