Antonio Pettyjohnblue

Antonio Pettyjohnblue

Title: Musical King
Company: Rawzkyrecordsent
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

Antonio Pettyjohnblue, Musical King at Rawzkyrecordsent, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in music.

Creating and developing the record company Rawzkyrecordsent for more than five years, Mr. Pettyjohnblue has followed his dreams, contributing his artistic vision through his lyrics and vocal skills. Throughout his career, he has become known as the “King of Pop.” In Africa, he is also known as the “Voice of Africa and the Face of America.” Combining insights from both Sikhism and Christianity, Mr. Pettyjohnblue has excelled due to his love for the craft of music. Alongside his musical pursuits, he dedicates his time to his community as a nonprofit animal rescue volunteer and ownership. He is an insight of Sikhism and connected to Christianity throughout Africa he is a part of the holy Ngas tribe and contributes to the less fortunate by teaching, protecting and providing for orphans and many endangered wildlife. He plans on opening his own wildlife preserve in the near future where he will home and rescue wildlife. His already successful nonprofit, Rawzky Animal Rescue Agency, has made national newspaper headlines for helping animals while not looking for the credit. He started this nonprofit due to his sincere love for wildlife. Between teaching and guiding the youth, he has also won the hearts of animals. He is the number one humanist by how he works with others as a teammate rather than a superior. He has counseled many emotionally unstable and on the brink of collapse people of every age, race and gender. Mr. Pettyjohnblue’s reputation has grown to be known as a caring guru, and even the LGBT community looks to him to shed some light for them. Through his work, he has proven his sincerity as one of the most caring and genuine community members many people have encountered. In his life, he had many who supported and uplifted him and strives to do the same for those around him.

Mr. Pettyjohnblue has a varied educational background in ministry and law and has drawn national attention for his kindness and good deeds. In his line of work, he rules with a solid fist and open heart, and is now ordained in Nigeria. In addition, he holds a music degree from Mt. Hood Community College and a Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University. In recognition of his accomplishments, he has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including earning Singer of the Year awards and consistently being recognized as the Best at the West coast hip-hop Music Awards. In the coming years, Mr. Pettyjohnblue intends to continue his contributions to the music industry and ultimately aims to open a restaurant in Africa as well as a music school, where he will invest the proceeds into a wildlife preserve. For questions, he suggests his book “The Game Loves No One” and to connect with Mr. Pettyjohnblue check out his talk show on Youtube, rawtv101, and his podcast, “Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers.”

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