William Scott Galasso

William Galasso

Title: Poet, Writer, Author, Self Publisher, Owner
Company: Galwin Press
Location: Laguna Woods, California, United States

William Scott Galasso, Poet, Writer, Author, Self-Publisher, and Owner of Galwin Press has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in poetry.

Mr. Galasso is the author of 17 poetry books that have been translated and published into more than 15 languages, most recently “Legacy: Thirty Years of Haiku,” 2020, and “Rough Cut: Thirty Years of Senryu,” 2019. With more than 250 writing credits to his name and over 1800 finished pieces, including poems, articles, long-form literature, and anthologies, Mr. Galasso has been writing for more than three decades and has been the owner of Galwin Press since 1993. He began writing as a seventh-grade student when he was overcome by inspiration during a trip to the beach, joking that “he hasn’t stopped writing since.”

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in general English language and literature from Hofstra University and began publishing as a student, releasing his first book, “Summer’s Early Light,” in 1973. Mr. Galasso credits his success to intuition and a sense of personal truth, emphasizing that he tries to write simply and from a place of honesty. He is influenced by others’ reactions to his work as well as a sense that what he is doing is important, adding that focusing on the way that his work connects with readers helps him continue to grow creatively. His recent work has begun to attract more press, and in 2021, he was made the sole editor of the California State Poetry Society Quarterly and featured as Cornell University Mann Library’s June 2021 Daily Haiku Poet.

Mr. Galasso’s work was selected for inclusion in the 2020 San Diego Poetry Anthology, and he has turned his focus to publishing and submitting work to poetry journals since retiring from full-time work in 2015. Prior to retirement, Mr. Galasso worked as event staff and security for the Seattle Mariners, Seahawks, and Sounders, and spent several years in sales and marketing for the Allied Telesyn International Group. Between 1990 and 2015, he found success as a voice and television actor with the Kim Brooke Group, booking roles on “Northern Exposure” and “What I Saw in Iraq.” He continues to work as a freelance writer and looks forward to his continued professional growth in the coming years. Mr. Galasso lives in California with his wife of 32 years, a visual artist who has contributed paintings to several of his published works.

Mr. Galasso has been highly acclaimed for his writings, having received high marks from Cereberus editor Joyce Carbone, Modern Haiku’s Marjorie Buettner, Peace and Freedom’s Martin Latter, Carrie Anne Thunell of the Nisqually Delta Review and esteemed book editor Moira Richards, to name a few. His work has been described as “crisp,” “honest,” “uniquely beautiful,” “uplifting” and “a gift to the reader.” In the coming years, Mr. Galasso hopes to republish and expand upon his existing works while publishing new poems as well.

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