Jon Gonzalez

Title: Author
Company: Bluez Productions
Location: Temple City, California, United States

Jon Gonzalez, Author at Bluez Productions, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in creative writing.

A writer of gothic horror-fiction, Mr. Gonzalez has authored eight books, including works such as “Esmeralda’s Web,” “Servant of Evil,” “The Wolf’s Man,” “The Lingstroms,” “Threesome” and “Opened Windows.” He was initially inspired to create original horror stories by his mother, who challenged him to scare her through prose. Furthermore, he began writing after receiving a dare from a friend. Above all, he has always felt that writing was something he was born to do, and he vowed not to rest until he has achieved his dreams. Today, he is gratified to spend his days writing and republishing many of his books.

Mr. Gonzalez initially established Bluez Productions in 1996. Going forward, he obtained an Associate of Arts in communications from Associated Technical College in 2005. In addition to his professional career as an author, he has found notable success as a musician, songwriter and photographer. Though his career has been suffused with highlights, he is most proud to have served as the co-writer of the song “Stalker,” which later became a Top 1- Hit in Europe. Additionally, he is proud to have been featured in the Rick Braton and Kate Donahue Show.

Mr. Gonzalez attributes his success to his drive, determination, and tenacity. Looking toward the future, he aims to continue serving as a mentor in the areas of art, writing and music and showcasing his students’ work. Moreover, his goal is to turn his original stories into feature films.

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