Yuvraj Ramsaroop

Title: Author
Location: Highland Park, New Jersey

Yuvraj Ramsaroop, Author, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in fiction and autobiographical writing.

Mr. Ramsaroop is a self-employed writer and author who has self-published numerous books through Xlibris US, Fulton Books and the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. A former primary school teacher and native of the former colony of British Guiana, the only English-speaking country in South America (renamed Guyana after independence in 1966), he notably published his acclaimed autobiography, “Realizing the American Dream: The Personal Triumph of a Guyanese Immigrant” in 2012. The book shares his victory as a Guyanese immigrant who takes readers on a journey to realizing what the American Dream is all about. “Realizing the American Dream” is also widely used in schools in Guyana as a source of history of its education system.

Over the years, Mr. Ramsaroop has released several additional books, including “The Message: A Tale of an Old Man and His Dreams” in 2012, “Please Don’t Pull the Plug: A Mother’s Last Ounce of Courage” as co-author in 2014, “A Christmas Wish for Nisha: The Story of a Boy Who Wrote a Letter to Santa Claus” in 2019, and “Miracle on the Train Track” in 2019. Mr. Ramsaroop’s goal is to see some of his books adapted for film. He also plans to continue writing by concentrating on short stories. Several books are in the works.

Born on October 29, 1946, Mr. Ramsaroop is a third generation descendent of indentured laborers brought from India to work on the sugar plantations. Mr. Ramsaroop never had the opportunity to earn a high school education. Working in the rice fields while the other kids were attending school, he was fortunate to pass an examination allowing him to become a school teacher at age sixteen. Over the next seven years, the self-taught teacher became one of the most qualified instructors throughout the school district, which included five primary schools and two high schools. Eventually, Mr. Ramsaroop relocated to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1969. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from McMaster University in 1973. He worked as manager for Consumers Distributing Company and was transferred in 1979 to the United States operations where he settled in New Jersey. He eventually spent twenty years working for Consumers Distributing Company, a catalog retailer.

A huge advocate for education, Mr. Ramsaroop volunteers his time speaking at public forums at his local library in New York to encourage children to study hard and appreciate their education. To support his writing contributions, he is a professional member of the American Writers and Artists Institute, McMaster University Book Club and Writer’s Digest. Mr. Ramsaroop was honored with a Certificate of Recognition from the Mayor of the City of New York.

Although, Mr. Ramsaroop intended to attend law school, his only dream was to afford his two daughters the opportunity for a high school education, because he himself never attended high school. He realized the American dream when both of his daughters went on to become medical doctors. Nanda Ramsaroop, MD graduated from Boston University in 1995 and Sharda Ramsaroop, MD graduated from Michigan State University in 2001.

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