Denis “Tidan” Torikashvili

Title: Artist
Company: TIDAN LLC
Location: Irvine, California, United States

Denis “Tidan” Torikashvili, Artist at TIDAN LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in tattoo art.

A world renowned and award-winning tattoo artist who began studying the art form as a teen growing up in Russia, Mr. Torikashvili has plied his craft at the highly regarded Vatican Studios tattoo and piercing business since 2019. Having worked professionally for 25 years, he was recruited by industry leader and owner Franco Vescovi to work alongside a team of prominent artists from across the globe. The recipient of a plethora of international tattoo awards at conventions in Italy, Russia, the United States and other countries, he has been highlighted in Buzzfeed, as well as in such industry-related magazines as TattooFest, Tattoo Society and and Global Tattoo.

Boasting an extensive portfolio of work that features realistic portraits, animals and miniatures, often horror-themed and depicted in black and white ink, Mr. Torikashvili taught himself how to become a tattoo artist and never received formal education in the arts. Working with drawing skills inherited from his grandmother and father, he began sketching and developing his own unique style in 1990s. Before relocating to the United States, he began his professional career working at tattoo shops near his home in Russia, before thriving as a tattoo artist at the reputable NR Studios in London from 2017 to 2019.

Because there were no tattoo artists in his hometown, Mr. Torikashvili was unable to embrace a personal mentor. However, while searching the internet, he found New York tattoo artist Paul Booth, who became his inspiration and motivation. Additionally, it’s been Mr. Torikashvili’s passion to make people happy that has driven his success.

The highlight of Mr. Torikashvili’s career has been working at Vatican Studios, where the artists operate together like a family. He desires to open his own studio and establish a team of tattoo artists that have a vision and goals that are similar to his. Notably, he holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology engineering.

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