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Michael Lam

Title: Art Consultant
Company: Vision Art Media
Location: New York, New York, United States

In honor of his achievements and leadership in the visual arts, Michael Lam was recognized by Marquis Who’s Who in The Wall Street Journal, Eastern Edition, on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

With years of experience to his credit, Mr. Lam has excelled as an art consultant with Vision Art Media since 2018. He has been additionally active as an artist for 10 years. In this capacity, his works have been featured at the La Pigna Gallery, Artifact, the World Trade Center’s Juried Art Exhibition and the Save the Planet International Artists Exhibition. Published in American Art Collector and Fine Art Connoisseur, Mr. Lam has also served as an international art professor as well as a supporter of the United Nations Children’s Fund and the Aeiou Foundation throughout his career. 

In light of his exceptional undertakings, Mr. Lam has accrued several accolades over the years, including First Prize at the 2014 Blick Art Show, the 2015 Sandro Botticelli Prize, the 2015 Roma Imperiale International Prize, the 2015 Timeless Award from Ferrara, the 2015 Pablo Picasso Art Prize, the 2015 Michelangelo International Prize and the 2020 World Peace Prize from the International Culture and Arts Federation. The recipient of the Special Achievement Award, his work was likewise recognized in books such as “America’s Most Trusted Consultants,” which was published by America’s Most Trusted Media in 2019. Attributing his success to his perseverance, he is incredibly proud of helping international artists gain success through his marketing and curated events. He was likewise been notably highlighted in The Wall Street Journal’s Eastern Edition on August 10, 2022 as a testament to his impressive professional endeavors, which you can see in the picture below. Looking toward the future, Mr. Lam hopes to continue thriving as an artist, consultant and curator who can help provide his contemporaries with the right opportunities.

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