Merton E. Bartels

Title: Retired Technical and Proposal Writer and Editor
Company: General Railway Signal
Location: Macedon, New York, United States

Merton E. Bartels, retired technical and proposal writer and editor for the General Railway Signal, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of writing.

With several decades of experience to his credit, Mr. Bartels has cultivated an accomplished career as a writer. Now retired, he previously served as a technical and proposal writer and editor for General Railway Signal, an organization that provided various products and services for railroad networks in large communities such as New York, Boston, Washington and Atlanta. Mr. Bartels also honorably served with the United States Air Force for several years as a technical writer and strategic air commander. As part of his own creative endeavors, he has written and published numerous poems and articles with Owl Light News in Canadice, New York, as well as a bounty of short stories and plays on personal topics and experiences.

Mr. Bartels previously pursued a formal education at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he achieved a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology. As part of his commitment to his profession, he remains affiliated with the Society of Technical Writers and Publishers and the Wayne Writers Guild. He also remains active as a civic-minded citizen, participating as a volunteer in his community for over 25 years. Well-regarded for his accomplishments in the field, he has received 23 Blue Ribbons from the Annual Veterans Crafts and Arts Competition. Accounting for his accomplishments, Mr. Bartels attributes much of his success to his passion for writing and the guidance of his mentors.

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