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Wilma Forester Roberts

Title: Artist and Author
Forester Studio
Chico, California, United States

Wilma Forester Roberts, an artist and author, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the fields of fine art and writing.

Drawing on more than five decades of experience as an artist, Ms. Roberts has earned distinction for her art. Utilizing the mediums of oil, acrylic and pastels, she has exhibited a sharp eye for a realistic representation of her muses, as well as landscape vistas, portraits and prevailing Western styles. Well-regarded for her talent, Ms. Roberts has served as an art teacher throughout California, particularly at the Chico Art Center and in the towns of Gridley and Hamilton City. Likewise, her work has been featured at the Gallery in Mount Shasta and at Art Etc, a gallery in Chico.

Possessed of an inquiring mind and an abiding love for nature, Ms. Roberts has parleyed her artistic sensibilities toward writing and book illustrations since 2011, beginning with the publishing of “The Adventures of Nagel of Ancient Babylonia,” a tale of historical fiction. The coming-of-age narrative focuses on the titular Nagel, a timid slave boy who seeks to overcome his circumstances and prove his mettle. The book notably includes faux-parchment pages and illustrations by Ms. Roberts’ own hand, which are designed to resemble ancient mosaics and paintings. In addition to “The Adventures of Nagel,” she also released “Harmony: Legend of Forest Ranch,” a fantastical love story, in 2022, and “The Adventures of Wild Willie,” a story that is yet to be published.

Born in Los Angeles, Ms. Roberts and her family soon moved to Chico, where she rode horses and attended school locally. After marrying and relocating to Forest Ranch alongside her husband, she gradually came to serve as a mother to three children. While attending to their needs, she sought an outlet for her creative passions, and discovered a talent for both writing and art. In accounting for her subsequent success, Ms. Roberts credits her perseverance, as well as the love and encouragement of her friends and family. Among her most dearly held achievements, she is particularly proud to have served as a deep and abiding adherent of her Christian faith, and to have become a great-grandmother.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Roberts hopes to continue her career in writing by scribing a biography of John Bidwell, a Californian pioneer, U.S. Representative, and the founder of Chico, California.

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