Zane Dalal

Title: Associate Music Director
Company: Symphony Orchestra of India
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Zane Dalal, Associate Music Director at Symphony Orchestra of India, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in music.

Mr. Dalal has excelled in his roles as associate music director and past resident conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of India since 2006. Additionally,  he has held positions as conductor, pianist, organist, musicologist, speaker, lecturer, author, and blogger since 1987. At Oklahoma University, he served as music director and conductor of the orchestra. During his time at Indiana University, Mr. Dalal contributed as an associate opera instructor, and while at Oriel College in Oxford, he was recruited as the choirmaster and an organist.

After being appointed choirmaster at Oriel College with no preparation, Mr. Dalal excelled and decided that his passion lay in music. He obtained a Master of Arts in music at the University of Oxford in 1986. Once established in the United States, he enrolled at Indiana University on the advice of a family friend. In 1990, he earned a master’s degree in music performance, symphonic, and opera conducting at Indiana University at Bloomington. 

Mr. Dalal cites conducting a concerto that was written for him by an Indian musician that he took on tour in London and across Europe as his most notable achievement. He has additionally begun a legacy of introducing Western music to India and donating instruments to an all-girls school so the girls could learn to play and build confidence in music. He is also proud of taking the Florida Orchestra on tour and receiving a key to the city of Pompano Beach, Florida.

Touring with the Indian Orchestra to Zurich, Geneva, and Saint Gallen in 2016, Mr. Dalal was excited to tour the United Kingdom in 2019. He will resume touring with the Indian Orchestra in late 2023 and conduct their final stop in Oxford at the Sheldonian Theatre. His alma mater, Oriel College, will reach its 700th year in 2026, and his concert will be part of the celebrations. When he is not working, he dedicates his time and attention to comparing the constitutions of the United States to those of other emerging countries, reading, windsurfing, and cooking.

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