Greg Lawson

Title: 1) Visual Artist and Publisher; 2) Founder
Company: 1) ARTSource Media; 2) Greg Lawson Galleries, LLC
Location: Sedona, Arizona, United States

Greg Lawson, Visual Artist and Publisher at ARTSource Media and Founder at Greg Lawson Galleries LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the visual arts.

A practical naturalist and globally collected visual artist, Greg Lawson excels in producing image-based art that he identifies as ‘painting with light’.  He is the founder of Greg Lawson Galleries, LLC, and has for more than fifty years cultivated one of the most comprehensive collections of images owned by an independent producer, one that covers the global experience including landscapes and seascapes, wildlife, and human impacts. Through ARTSource Media he also promotes creatives of all genres by producing a national magazine dedicated to art and artists. Mr. Lawson has been the originator of several distinct publishing models, from books and magazines to collector-quality decor art.
Throughout his career, Greg Lawson has operated according to a simple mantra, “Love the Earth, Share the Love” and abiding by it has showcased global destinations, human accomplishments, and the natural environments of many creatures. As a child, he was enamored with the world and spent much of his time at the library reading books about people and places. His mother gave him a camera at age 14 in New York and he knew immediately that he would use this tool as a ticket to travel, as he longed to sense and share the world.
During the early stages of his career, Mr. Lawson gained professional expertise with large and medium-format imagery. He also learned the design, printing, and publishing of international language travel books and larger illustrated coffee-table editions. He has been a broadcast host for Terrestrial Public Media. He donates time and assets to causes of the heart, including uplifting the human spirit and bettering the living conditions for people and animals. Looking ahead, Mr. Lawson Lawson is in the organizational stages of creating an impactful destination site in the United States.

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