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Archana A. Joglekar

Title: Founder and Director Company: SAMVED Exam Board of Indian Classical Dance & Music Location: Somerset, New Jersey, United States Archana A. Joglekar, founder and

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Jules Szabo

Title: Founder Company: The Dancer’s Workout LLC Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States Jules Szabo, founder at The Dancer’s Workout LLC, has been recognized by

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Bidisha Mohanty

Title: Founder and Artistic Director Company: Indraadhanush: Center for Excellence Location: San Jose, California, United States Bidisha Mohanty, Founder and Artistic Director at Indraadhanush: Center

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Sebastian McLaughlin

Title: Founder Company: Setanta Design Location: Smithtown, New York, United States Sebastian McLaughlin, founder of Setanta Design, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top

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Steven Christopher Shackelford

Title: Founder and President Company: Sketchkings, Inc. Location: Dallas, Texas, United States Steven Christopher Shackelford, Founder and President at Sketchkings, Inc., has been recognized by

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Annie Minogue

Title: Founder Company: Annie Minogue Band Location: Weehawken, New Jersey, United States Annie Minogue, founder, songwriter, and lead singer of the Annie Minogue Band has

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Jonathan Rappaport

Title: Founder and Managing Editor Company: Pro Canto Press Location: Westborough, Massachusetts Jonathan Rappaport, Founder and Managing Editor at Pro Canto Press, has been recognized

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Karen Schuman

Title: Artist, Founder and Director Company: Dancing Krow Studio Location: Riverwoods, Illinois, United States Karen Schuman, Artist, Founder and Director of the Dancing Krow Studio,

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Greg Lawson

Title: 1) Visual Artist and Publisher; 2) Founder Company: 1) ARTSource Media; 2) Greg Lawson Galleries, LLC Location: Sedona, Arizona, United States Greg Lawson, Visual

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Charles E. Barbin

Title: Founder Company: Dunes Art Gallery Location: Brigantine, New Jersey, United States Charles E. Barbin, Founder of the Dunes Art Gallery, has been recognized by

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Stanley L. Covington, Jr.

Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer Company: Imoya by Stanley Location: Hempstead, New York, United States Stanley L. Covington, Jr., founder and chief executive officer

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Maria Lorena Lehman

Title: Founder Company: MLL Atelier LLC Location: Coral Gables, Florida, United States Maria Lorena Lehman, founder of MLL Atelier LLC, has been recognized by Marquis

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Jeff A. Bleier

Title: Founder and Sculptor Company: Glacier Art Ice Carving Location: Caledonia, New York, United States Jeff A. Bleier, founder and sculptor at Glacier Art Ice

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Michael Baroto

Title: Founder and Owner Company: Spectacular Dimensions Location: West Hollywood, California, United States Michael Baroto, Founder and Owner at Spectacular Dimensions, has been recognized by

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